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Best Night EVER!!! - The Sleeper Thread...

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Best Night EVER!!! - Did 12.93 in my SRT-8

I went to the track last night. :headbang:

I'll let the TimeSlip tell the story. :deal:

I could hardly beleive it myself. :birthday: I had about 15 people come up to the car and ask what I'd done to it. Completely Stock except Mopar CAI and MagnaFlow exhaust and a GSM Mod good for cool off and full all out cometition stomping torgue control. People kept walking up to me all night. :biggrin: I got in 5 runs. I'll scan the timeslips and post them all. AND this was with a 7/8 full tank of 93 Octane gas!

I officially fell in love with my SRT-8 last night. Literally an overwhelming emotion. :wink1: Almost brought tears to my eyes... but I was too busy giggling like a boy on Christmas morning after opening my presents and realizing I got something sooo cool that even I couldn't imagine it to ask for it. Did I mention I am totally in love??? :boobies: :banana: :biggrin:


Arrived it was 65 degrees. Let car sit with the GSM fan mod going for an hour. Pushed it up the lanes. The engine temp gage in the diagnostics EVIC screen was at 144 degrees. Started it up and switched on the GSM torgue mod. Went around the Water Box and lit up the tires. The car went through the gears up to third lightning fast I was shocked. It's never done that before. Didn't miss a beat at all (the other runs it seemed to stall at 2nd or 3rd gear). Pulled up and deep staged. Waited for the second yellow light to go on and took my left foot off the brake and floored the gas. The rest is history. I thought I might have run a 13.4 or a 13.5. I was screaming like a teenager at his first rock concert!!! So damn cool!!!

Hey... where is every body??? Oh ya F#c% At the baddest 300 LX car meet in the nation!!! Wish I was there!!!!!!!!! Sigh... Talk to you guys when everyone gets back.
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Thanks srt8danno

I took the now renamed Silver Lightning!!! Best Moonshine in KY! I am going again today with a CAI Dry Ice wrap if I can find one locally. They are supposed to be good for about 20 HP. We'll see if I can find one... Wish me luck.
Here are the other time slips. By the end of the night the engine was fairly heat soaked, but the temperature had dropped to about 61 degrees outside according to the EVIC display.

Precip: 0%
Humidity: 54%
Wind: NNW at 10 MPH
Barometer: 30.01 in.
Dewpoint: 48°F
Visibility: 10 Mile(s)

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Rebel78 said:
12.9!!! Wow dude, congratulations!!!!!!
Thanks Rebel78. I'm surfing the high. :thanks:
need4speed: I thought you were running CAI and GSM? You need to run straight without the dry ice. :sly:

Meister: Thanks man... It was the first time out since adding the GSM Mod, and MagnaFlows. The GSM Mod helped cool the car down faster, and kept it at about 203 degrees on the Engine temp (Diag. Screen, not oil temp in the main screens). The torgue mod helped, but on several runs, I was burning rubber off the line instead of hooking right up. I did NOT run with ESP on.

Dood: This was the Silver 06'. My 05' actually feels like it has more power than my 06' actually, but have been reluctant to run it or mod it too much due to it being 1 of 220. Rarety of the car and all.

5point7: We'd be glad to have you. Trade ups are GOOOOOOD
Thanks for the suggestions Meister. I have the 180' Thermostat sitting right here on my desk that I was told by GSM would work inmy SRT-8, but then they retracted saying the 180' Thermostat throws a dash error code, so no good running it.

I've done a ton of runs with ESP enabled. It does seem to hook up better but the 60', trap times and ET's are lower. The GSM Mod does actually work. I could feel it kick in on the rear end when it engages. If your just rolling it at about 2-4 MPH and engage the Mod, it takes about 10 seconds to kick in and you feel the rear end tighten up and the car actually rolls slower. Not a lot, but enough to know you've got full control at the gas pedal.
Johnny G: Thanks Johnny G. I was waiting excitedly for the Fall. That was when all the Mags did their testing and I knew the low 13's were just a season away.

Hardware: Thanks Hardware. I actually didn't expect to really drop into the 12's in mine, but now I am even more determined to get into the 12.7's by the end of the season.

doctorno: Thanks doctorno. I'm thinking once the temp drops to the 50's, it will look like stage 3's on the SRT-4's. :banana:

sy34010: Guys and Ladies; Stan has one bad @ss Black Impalla SS. He's got an electronic exhaust valve that with a flick of a switch opens the exhaust out to the sides. His car rocks. His best run on Saturday (we saw each other again at the other local drag strip) was 13.08. Awesome run Stan! Had a great time Friday night after the Drags too hanging out with Wyatt Earp and Missy Wiggles at the Naughty Pine. :wink1: Thanks for the Intro. I'll definately be heading back there, with all the friends I told about the great live band. Hopefully we'll see you there with the Misses.

If anyone is interested in the Electronic Exhaust Gate Valve, I think it can be done for about $400 to $450 on the SRT-8's. When I installed my MagnaFlows, I waited until the stock system was off and fired her up for a few revs. The shop seriously asked me why I wanted to hook up the Magnaflows. Not as loud as the cackle from my 67' Fastback Dragracer, and not so loud as to be incredibly annoying, just a deep, deep growl. I may do this on mine. I am going to talk to the manufacturer who is local, so if anyone is interested in a Group Buy, let me know.

Meister: I am not sure what code is thrown. I would imagine the computer sees it as a problem since the normal opperating tempature is 203 to 215 on the SRT-8. I haven't tried to run with the ESP dash button still On and only the GSM mod On. I am not sure what difference it would make. I plan on calling GSM Monday to ask several questions, so I can figure out some thing related to the Fan mod.

Thanks for all the feedback guys and a special Welcome to Stan (aka: sy34010), who is an Impala owner, but all are welcome!
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I would have thought after posting my in the 12's run, SOMEONE would have gone to their local track Saturday or Sunday and done some runs...

Anyone??? I know this car is capable. Just do what I did. Let the car cool down, push it up the line until there are only 2 cars in front of you and start it up. Shut off ESP, do a narley burnout and stage until the second small yellow barely lights up (shallow stage), then launch on the second large yellow about an eye blink after it lights. Reaction time should be excellent and you should be in the 12's. Ok, now everyone run to the local track this coming Friday. I go by myself and if I'm lucky I will meet up with friends. Usually you'll make friends when your there. If you've never been to the track, just let them know and they will answer all your questions and walk you through it. You also can make you first run without a helmet if you don't have one, then when you get into the 12's or mid to low 13's you can still run, just slow down enough by the end of your run to be in the 14's and work on your reaction times, and 60 foot time until you can get a helmet.

We want all your stories next Saturday... :)
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I'm in. I can't wait. Man I hope you get your car back Tuesday!!! I want to see and hear those Long Tube Headers! Lucky dog!
chasb: Absolutely!!! Our 300 LX's are in a class of their own, regardless of model. :banana:

vvv90: Thanks for the ear to ear grin. Every time I think about it, I feel all warm and buzzy inside. :biggrin:

HEMEEE: Worse part for me is I am from CA and lived in Sac, Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, Malibu and San Diego. :eek:uch: I wanted to be there so bad, but I kind of made up for it.

So who else is taking their SRT-8 to the track this week/weekend?
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