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Best Night EVER!!! - The Sleeper Thread...

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Best Night EVER!!! - Did 12.93 in my SRT-8

I went to the track last night. :headbang:

I'll let the TimeSlip tell the story. :deal:

I could hardly beleive it myself. :birthday: I had about 15 people come up to the car and ask what I'd done to it. Completely Stock except Mopar CAI and MagnaFlow exhaust and a GSM Mod good for cool off and full all out cometition stomping torgue control. People kept walking up to me all night. :biggrin: I got in 5 runs. I'll scan the timeslips and post them all. AND this was with a 7/8 full tank of 93 Octane gas!

I officially fell in love with my SRT-8 last night. Literally an overwhelming emotion. :wink1: Almost brought tears to my eyes... but I was too busy giggling like a boy on Christmas morning after opening my presents and realizing I got something sooo cool that even I couldn't imagine it to ask for it. Did I mention I am totally in love??? :boobies: :banana: :biggrin:


Arrived it was 65 degrees. Let car sit with the GSM fan mod going for an hour. Pushed it up the lanes. The engine temp gage in the diagnostics EVIC screen was at 144 degrees. Started it up and switched on the GSM torgue mod. Went around the Water Box and lit up the tires. The car went through the gears up to third lightning fast I was shocked. It's never done that before. Didn't miss a beat at all (the other runs it seemed to stall at 2nd or 3rd gear). Pulled up and deep staged. Waited for the second yellow light to go on and took my left foot off the brake and floored the gas. The rest is history. I thought I might have run a 13.4 or a 13.5. I was screaming like a teenager at his first rock concert!!! So damn cool!!!

Hey... where is every body??? Oh ya F#c% At the baddest 300 LX car meet in the nation!!! Wish I was there!!!!!!!!! Sigh... Talk to you guys when everyone gets back.
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cool beans man ....

I wish I had run my car with the exhaust and torque mod with cai ... I totally forgot too ....

Maybe I could knock on a high 12 or flat 13 too ...

Congrats !
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