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big brake kit

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Does anyone have a big brake kit on a 05 300c rwd with 20 inch srt8 rims? I just want to know if they fit ok. thanks pawalu
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Fantastic I just had to put on a thin spacer on the front and everything is perfect. Thanks for asking Mr DJ
Mr.DJ said:

I've had them on my car with the staggered Goodyear 'Eagle F1 Supercar' tire set-up (245's up front with the 255's on the rear) for several months now. As a Goodyear retiree, I was fortunate enough to be allowed to observe the entire installation process at my 'Five Star' Chrysler dealer. The 14mm diameter OEM studs are of adequate length and there were absolutely no fitment issues to be concerned of whatsoever. You'll just have to purchase the 'SRT' wheel-specific 14mm lug nuts...besides the wheel center caps of course. Most of us have had absolutely no problem running these wheels without spacers, as the wheels are a 'direct fit' application; however, as you well know, it appears that some manufacturing tolerances differ slightly from car to car, thus requiring pawalu to run 1/4" spacers up front to avoid a slight rubbing issue. :wink1:
Sorry Dave I took so long to get back with you. To answer your questions. First I don't know the thickness of the spacer because by answering your second question, the spacer was given to me from a friend. To try and answer your first question I would say Mr. DJ is right, about a quarter inch. To answer your third question, I left the original studs in, I get about six full turns with the srt8 lug nuts before reaching the rim. I torque um down to 110 pounds and always check to make sure everything is ok about twice a weak. So far so good, just waiting to find out from you, or anyone else if a big brake system will work. Aloha
DZeckhausen said:
So, if the spacer is metric, it's probably 5mm thick. Can you recall if the lip on your factory hubs protruded far enough through the spacer to fully engage the wheel centerbore? In other words, is the wheel still hubcentrically mounted to your car or is it being centered by the wheel studs and nuts?

That's good news for me, since I plan to alternate between the stock wheels for winter tires and the SRT8 wheels for summer tires. Having to swap studs each time would have been a royal pain. Thanks!

The custom wheels for our SEMA project car are scheduled to arrive in Texas (where the car is now) in two days. After they have been fitted, the SRT8 wheels will be shipped back here to me in NJ. Since I'm leaving for the SEMA show next Friday, I don't expect to have an answer for you until I return from Las Vegas the following Thursday. I'm sure I'll want to try installing those wheels as soon as I get back.

Just in case I'm one of the unlucky ones who requries spacers, I'll order a set today so they will be on hand if I need them. I'll also let you know if the brakes require the spacers. My concern would be clearance between the back of the spokes and the face of the larger calipers.
Hey Dave, if I recall correctly the spacer does not sit exactly in the center of the hub, reason being, the spacer I have is a universal spacer which can be fitted on other cars I quess. So when I placed the spacer onto the hub through the studs it hangs a bit down ever so slight. When I put the srt8 rim on, the rim is centered by the studs. Does that make sense? Anyhow, write me if you have other questions and please let me know if the big brake kit fits on a 5.7c rwd with srt8 rims on it. thanks pawalu
DZeckhausen said:
If the rim is only centered by the studs and wheel nuts and is not also centered by the hub's lip, then it's likely you will experience shimmy problems at certain speeds. This can vary in intensity, each time you dismount and remount the wheels. The only way to really tell if the wheel is still being centered by the hub is to pop out the small centercap before installing the wheel. With the cap gone, you can see exactly how far into the wheel centerbore the hub protrudes and whether or not it actually centers the wheel.
Dave, maybe I missed it, but did you ever figure out if the stop tech brakes will fit on a 300c with srt8 rims?
DZeckhausen said:
I have not received the wheels from the project SRT8 yet. However, that won't matter much, since I purchased my own 2006 SRT8 on Wednesday. :)

Later this week, I'll pull a wheel off the new car and use the StopTech template to measure it. That will let me know exactly how much clearance there is.

I'll also have a slightly used (less than 5,000 miles) StopTech 4-wheel BBK for sale as soon as I remove it from my "ordinary" 300C tomorrow. It has red calipers and slotted rotors with low dust Hawk Performance Ceramic pads. I'll be putting a StopTech kit on the SRT8 in a few weeks. (The SRT8 uses a totally different StopTech kit.)
Congrats Dave, I'll still have to wait in limbo until someone out there can confirm that the stop tech's can work on on 300c with srt8 rims. Until then, save money just in case they do work....
DZeckhausen said:
You won't have to wait in limbo very long. I'll be picking up the SRT8 tomorrow (Monday) and should be able to measure the wheels by Tuesday. You'll have an answer within the next couple of days.

I took the front StopTechs off last night and put back the stock 300C brakes. Today, the rear StopTechs come off. I'll be selling the complete 4-wheel StopTech kit for $2,000 off. Photos and more details to follow.
Thanks Dave for getting back...pawalu
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