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Hello everyone,

This is quite possibly the oddest cooling issue I have ever experienced with my 300C. After initial inspection I have my suspicions as to what may be the issue, but I wanted to consult with the experts of this great forum to gain some outside perspective and affirmation.

First, a little history...

2005 300C

This past summer I had some overheating issues which ultimately turned out to be a cracked water pump impeller. After all of the troubleshooting and the actual repair, the following was done/replaced:

Water pump & gasket (purchased from dealership, installed myself)
Upper Radiator Hose
Lower Radiator Hose
ECT sensor
Overflow bottle cap
Idler Pulley (noticed it was pretty worn when replacing the water pump)
Coolant flush/refill using Mopar coolant (purchased from dealership)

All said and done, everything had been running great, very cool and no cooling issues for nearly 6 months.

I went out of town for the Christmas holidays for about a week, meanwhile the 300C just stayed parked in the driveway. I live north of Ft. Worth, TX and it was fairly cold while I was away. I drove the car to and from work yesterday and around town during the evening with no issues.

This morning I went out to start my car up before work so I could warm it up and defrost the windows. I started it, turn on the heat and front/rear defrost, and let it run for 15-20 minutes while I finished getting ready inside (same thing I do most mornings this time of year).

This is where things get interesting...

I came outside to leave and was shocked to find that there was a huge puddle under the front of my car. I also noticed the grill was dripping wet, AND the puddle was not only under the front of my car, it also extended uphill on my driveway to the garage door. The car was parked a good 5 feet from the garage and the driveway is fairly steep. There was also a huge area of the garage door directly in front of my car that was soaking wet that was 3 ft tall!!

I did not get to witness this horrific incident in person, but it appeared as tho coolant came spewing out of the front of my car at such a high velocity that it spewed all over my garage door that was 5 feet away!

After the initial shock, perplexity, and grumblings of 'wtf' passed I immediately went to shut the car off, and when I opened the driver side door the entire inside of the car was filled with sweet smelling white smoke (burnt coolant vapors) and the smoke was continually pouring out of the air vents. I rolled the windows down to let everything air out then I checked the temperature and it wasn't overheating! It was pretty cold outside this morning though, high 20's, so I presume that may be a factor. Nonetheless, I immediately shut the car off.

I came back later after the sun came up and everything had a chance to cool down and looked everything over.

Everything from the front of the engine to the back of the bay was bone dry. The cooling fans however were soaked and there was a bunch of coolant down all at the bottom below the fans.

I checked both the upper and lower hoses and everything was still nice and tightly attached, there are seemlingly no cracks or holes in the hoses, and all clamps are secure. The overflow tank is pretty much empty and the cap was snugly tightened on the bottle.

Has anyone else every experienced of heard of something so bizarre?? Does anyone have any ideas as to what may be the issue?

I had to get to work so I have not had a chance to check anything out, will look at it in the morning, but the only thing I could think was possibly a cracked radiator? But I really don't know, this is a chin scratcher...
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