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Black 300C with Chrome Pillars

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For those of you that wanted to see the chrome pillars on black, you can get an idea of what it looks like from these pctures. You would have been able to see it better had i taken them with the sun shining, you could see they really do look nice. I even went to the dealership to have splash guards put on, and they were bringing using my car to show customers since they had no fully loaded C's available to show. I agree with everyone, you can't stop anywhere and be in a rush, because everyone wants to talk about it and see it. Loving it!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have a Black C and yesterday after seeing your photos I called up and ordered the chrome pcs....sweet!!!! :)
Black Beauty, is there something different or upgraded up front? Are those stock foglamp bulbs.

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No, they are not stock.

My husband replaced the fog lights with some halogen fog lights that others had ordered and talked about on this forum.
I knew they looked different. Please provide the details on the upgrade. Thanks.
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