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Okay So I have a 2006 Chrysler 300 SRT8. It needs a lot of work and I've been getting it done slowly. I have a guy that has the Bilstein b12 pro kit 46-234377.

First of all, will this fit?

How much drop? If I read correct, 1.5 inch (front) and 1.9 inch (rear)

Is this too low? Will it rub my tires? I have 255/45zr20 but will be getting new rears soon.

Also, will the camber be off? I don't understand this very well. If I install the kit will I have to take it to a shop for the correct damper and camber to be applied?

Please someone help!!!

Thank y'all in advance. In the Memphis, Tennessee area by the way.

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The drop is not going to cause any problems. I am 1.9" front, 2.1" rear with 245/45x20 & 275/40x20 front & rear tires with KW coilovers.

Not sure about the kit fitting. If they don't specifically list it as working on an SRT8, and most 300C kits will fit an SRT8 with no problems, I'd call them to make sure.

Camber will be a changed a bit so you may want to have things checked once you finish the install.

Here's my '06 SRT8 lowered as mentioned above.

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