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Boston Acoustics Subwoofer/amp Debate

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I've been so busy driving my SRT8 that I just noticed today my car only came with the 6 speaker Boston Acoustics system. Called the dealership to find out about adding the center channel and subwoofer and was told that they have been having problems with the sub/amp blowing up and the option wouldn't be available for at least another month. i go to the build and price sheet on the website and they are still offering the option( sound group II.) Has anyone else had issues with their subs or does anyone know if there is any truth to this??

Gotta admit the 6 speaker system rocks, but it would be nice to have the exrta power and sub added. Any help would be great.
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Suggestion. Scrap the whole system! I just added a Kenwood Nav System with amp and woofer w/amp to make my own BA7. The speakers in the car actually suck. I switched out to Polk with an 8" sub on the rear deck. Now the car has true fidelity. I would highly suggest it if you want touch screen convenience and amazing sound!
It depends on how far you want to go! For me, I like music with clarity. I do not blare or "crank up" my music into the annoyance levels. What I do l like is the music surrounding me with great imaging and detail. Based on this, I looked for a head unit that was touch screen and was quite easy to use once setup. I also did not want a Head unit that required a ton of add ons to get Nav. Kenwood incorporates this fantastically in the DNX7100. The touch screen is intuitive and has built in cross overs for great adjusability. The head unit runs about $1000.00. The amp is $250.00 for a decent model. You will also need a mono amp for the sub $150.00. The speakers will run you in the $750.00 range. Any ad ons like rear view camera, sirius radio add another $400.00.

This may all sound like a bit much, but you can sell your factory Head Unit with Nav for $1000.00 thus recouping some monies. For me, the cost was well worth it. The sound is definately a ten if tuned correctly. Tight & crisp without a muddled tone.

Unless you go this route, you have to stick with the factory unit. The Head unit is incorporated into th amp, thus the volume, cross over, etc is controlled by the amp. BTW, it is underpowered and the speakers and minimal in quality based on manufacturer requirements.
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