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Boston Acoustics Subwoofer/amp Debate

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I've been so busy driving my SRT8 that I just noticed today my car only came with the 6 speaker Boston Acoustics system. Called the dealership to find out about adding the center channel and subwoofer and was told that they have been having problems with the sub/amp blowing up and the option wouldn't be available for at least another month. i go to the build and price sheet on the website and they are still offering the option( sound group II.) Has anyone else had issues with their subs or does anyone know if there is any truth to this??

Gotta admit the 6 speaker system rocks, but it would be nice to have the exrta power and sub added. Any help would be great.
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none here

no problems here, our Kicker setup has rocked the house for two years now. Very satisfied.

As to JC, I'm sure he has been tearing it up somewhere. That's a tough biz, and it's really hard to keep all those personalities in a band on the same page.
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