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Bottle Fed Nitrous

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My C will be bottle fed next Monday!
I ordered the NOS kit and bottle opener! There is alot of problems that must be overcome.
1. The 300 is 'fly by wire' accelerator linkage. So either someone will have to figure out the rpm signal wire and make a switch for a set rpm to engage, or what we are going to do is fabricate a bracket for a mechanical switch on the gas pedal.
2. The intake tube is all rubber so we are going to cut the intake where the flexible part is and replace with a polished piece of aluminum. This will give us a place to thread the fogger in.

The Dyno has now been rescheduled AGAIN! But we will make a run with and without the bottle.

Stay tuned!
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BBC, NOS brand kits usually come with a TPS switch. A window switch can be seperatly bought. This should eliminate any problems you have.
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