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Looks like a good time.

Well guys and gals, polish up those rims.....Zaino that body, Chrysler BAP really want a show to be put on since they missed out on the annual Mopar Performance Group's Spring Fling.
I've been asked to arrange the show.

I demanded 2 very special guests to show up.
If you like 'em young and fast you'll love this pair.
One is a 2008 3/4 and the other is a 2009....did I say 2009???? I wonder what it could be.
<<<<<< what's that in his right hand?

Stay tuned for more detailed information as I have a lot of work to do to get this baby arranged.

Since I'm not a regular here (yet) it would be better and safer to contact me via email:
Contact Rab @

[email protected]
or @
[email protected]

Also: Any sponsors interested in showing/selling at the meet?
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