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I picked up our SRT-8 last week. The car is absolutely beautiful. I have been driving a 2002 Dinan Stage IV 540 which has very respectable acceleration. The SRT would outrun it in a heartbeat.

After spending some time reading this board, I ordered the trunk pull strap, the ultimate pedals and the Mopar CAI. Can't wait to put them on.

When I went in to the dealer today to pick up the pull strap, one of the salesmen told me they have one more SRT coming and it isn't spoken for yet. He told me it will be silver. While talking to him he was telling me how these cars are routinely going for 10K over sticker. So if you're considering calling the guy, be prepared. His name is Ray. The Sales Manager who I dealt with is Gordon. He kept his word with me and didn't sell the car out from under me to someone willing to pay more for the car.

If you're interested, the dealer is Bakersfield Chrysler in Bakersfield,CA.

Now, if I could just figure out how to get the Uconnect to recognize *82.
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