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Just finished doing a full paint correction and ceramic coating on the 300 and wanted to post the steps I used and my results. This is a 2007 300C with over 150k miles of blistering AZ sun, dirt and freeways. This car has been garage kept about half of its life.

1) Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash

2) Mothers California Clay Bar

3) Sonax Cut & Finish w/Griots Microfiber Pad

4) Sonax EX 04-06 w/Chemical Guys White Medium Foam Pad

5) Sonax NP 03-06 w/Chemical Guys Black Soft Foam Pad

6) IPA 50/50 Wipedown

7) 2 Coats of CarPro Cquartz UK 3.0

8) 1 Coat of CarPro Gliss v2

I used a Flex Direct-Drive XC3401VRG Rotary/Orbital polisher. I used all 50ml of the ceramic coat (Cquartz) and about 25ml of the nano coat (Gliss).

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Beautiful! Lots of work but what a result! Kudos.

Me, I am going to go the detailer route. Getting to the age and poor physical condition where I can afford to pay someone to do this for me. Getting too hot here in AZ even in the garage. My hat is off to you for taking the time and effort to do all this.

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