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My '07 Charger SRT8 has the Kicker stereo option (forgive me if I am slaughtering the actual option name) and I think it is killing the battery.

When I shut the car off, I very often hear this "thump-thump" sound coming from the trunk. Think of Edgar Allan Poe's "Tell-tale Heart". Be assured there is no sliced-up body of an old man with an 'eagle eye' in the trunk. Already checked that.

We hear it so often, my wife and I refer to it as "Caspar." Anyway, it would seem like this thing is killing the battery since it goes dead if the car isn't driven 4-5 days.

I looked into an exorcism but the priest wanted money up front. Decided to take the car to the dealership instead. Doh! The only thing the snapperheads at the dealership found was the radio's off/on switch and a salsa station at the low end of the FM dial.

Anyone have a similar problem with their audio system making thump-thump noises when the car is completely shut off?
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