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CEL, Coolant Temp, Tstats, CAI's, and running cold

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CEL came on while driving down the freeway to work about 3 weeks ago. Did not cycle off in the normal 3 modes. It was P0128 - called dealer and it's related to coolant temp. I reset code, and have been monitoring the temp through the EVIC, and it does not warm up while driving. Would only reach operating temp (195-205) if stopped at lights or in slow traffic, but if I just drove it without stopping, temp would stay around 170* (acting like Tstat is stuck open).

Dealer got Chrysler to authorize the tstat to be warrantied, but also stated Chrysler commented they are having issues with CAI's and the (metal) tubes causing the CEL's because of the air intake sensor - I have a Volant with a plastic I know it's not related, AND, My dealer Chrysler the CAI would have nothing to do with coolant temp.... (I have a great dealer BTW).

I'll have it back tomorrow with a new tstat, and will update the post as to whether it's fixed.

I have not changed the tstat - anyone that changed their tstat to a 170 or 180 get a CEL yet?

In the meantime, at least I have a new Durango HEMI for my rental car :wave:
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Tstat replaced under warranty - seems to have fixed the issue.
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