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I replaced my front tweeters, I have the boston premium audio. It had a stock 6 disc cd changed with nav in my 07 300c 5.7L.

There was only two speakers on the fromt left and right side when replaced they worked fine. The center tweeter was empty and never touched or modified prior to me adding kicker tweeters. When I connected my batter and tested the center tweeter didn't work.

I used my volt-meter, factory plug shows it's receiving power. I switched tweeters around to make sure it wasn't the hook ups connectors or the new tweeter but everything works.

What could possibly be the problem? I am a bit stumped. Do I need to add a fuse or is there some other the center tweeter isn't working?

Thanks in advance. I know some people say forget the center tweeter but regardless of opinion I would like the 3rd tweeter to work. Any advice is will be greatly appreciated.
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