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Some new light is being shed on this special package. So I wanted to take a moment and share this information with you.

 NOT legal for operation or use on public roads.
 NOT race ready - vehicle will be race prepared..

 The First Drag Race Only Factory Package Car Built in 40 years
(68 Hemi Dart / Cuda last factory built drag race vehicles)
 Built for sanctioned Stock and Super Stock Eliminator drag racing.
 Vehicle delivery timing estimated: 3rd quarter ’08.
 Pricing: TBD
 Final assembly at an offsite build location.
 Identification Plate with Unique Serial Number Sequence.
 Stone White paint only.
 Available Engine Combinations; 6.1L, 5.7L HEMI and 5.9L Magnum.
 4 Speed Automatic or 6 Speed Manual transmission versions available.
 Special BIW modified for drag racing.
(HVAC block off plates, modified tunnel for transmission clearance and one piece drive shaft, raised floor above differential for solid axle conversion clearance)
 Approximately 1000 lbs lighter than production vehicle.
o No body sealer / sound deadener / undercoat.
o No windshield wiper assembly.
o No HVAC system.
o No rear seats.
o No power steering system.
o No underbody heat shields.
o No fuel tank assembly.
o No exhaust system.​
 Composite liftoff hood with functional scoop.
 Polycarbonate door and quarter windows.
 Smart Glass door window system.
 Solid engine mounts.
 Engine repositioned to optimize driveline angle and improve weight distribution.
 Seats to accommodate 6-point harness.
 Wheelbase Shortened 13mm. (rear axle moved forward)
 Special modified K-Member with drop out crossmember.
 Lightweight drag race only front brake assembly.
 Manual rack and pinion steering.
 Front chin spoiler.
 Lightweight cooling module with electric fan.
 Lightweight Instrument Panel Assy.
 Special cable operated deck lid release.
 Special cable operated throttle pedal and linkage.
Now if you are part of a race team that is seriously interested in ordering one of these cars, please contact us as soon as possible. Final pricing is not yet determined, but expect it to be into the mid 30's range. This is not official, and is subject to change based on Chrysler's final determination of pricing. We will need to know what engine and transmission you require, and what classes or divisions you currently compete in. Competition will more than likley need to be verifiable for allocation of one of these package cars. Please send email with the following info to [email protected].

Class Currently Competes In:
Class Wishing to Compete In(if different):
Vehicle Configuration Desired(engine and trans):
Telephone Number:

We will forward this information to Mopar and once the details are returned we will contact the customer to reserve the car. No deposits will be required until we know that we can allocate the car for the customer based on authorization from Mopar.
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