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I have a 2012 my13 chrysler 300c .
About 6 months ago my temp/humidity sensor died, and at nearly $100 i thought that can wait, despite my A/C not working that well, and the recirc not working at all. Well a couple of weeks ago my telematics hands free module also died, and after looking around tirelessy for reasonably priced parts i decided to try the wreckers. I know, buying second hand is a bit iffy, but brand new the sensor is about $100 and the telematics is about $650, starts to add up (prices included shipping).
Well finding these parts at a wreckers was also a struggle, everyone i tried had already sold them.
Next was using the parts online wreckers search, should have tried this first. Basically a request of what you are looking for gets sent to many many wreckers.
I got a response from rob at Souther Auto Wreckers in SA who was able to help me for new parts he purchased from a closed jeep dealership. Much cheaper and with a warranty.
He has a grille for an srt, new uconnect with nav for a 300c, and much more. Do a google and give him a call, friendly guy.
Just wanted to share my story, and experience.
Loved my chrysler, right up to the point when you realise how much the parts are through chrysler/mopar.
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