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<a href=""><span style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration:underline;">Video Link on Nitto Channel</span></a><br/>
<p>Nitto Tire has received a lot questions on their ultra-high performance tire, the Invo. In the above video
Nitto has put together some technical information as well as a real-world review by a professional race driver
James Sofronas (GMG Racing) in a Porsche GT3.</p>

Video highlights:
<li>Grip Performance</li>
<li>Braking Performance</li>
<li>Comfort/Sport Performance</li>

<p>The Invo was designed for luxury-sport, so it delivers wet and dry performance with a quiet ride. The Invo is
unique among ultra-high performance tires in that it has a non-directional tread so it can be rotated, even with a
staggered fitment on a Chrysler 300C.</p>

<a href=""><span style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration:underline;">Click here for sizes and more information.</span></a><br/><br/>

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