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I got this car (bright white 2012 SRT8) about two months ago I noticed a slight discoloration in the white paint just below the side window trim pieces -right at the lip of the door. Today I was detailing the car (clay, polish, wax) and decided to pull the trim pieces off to have a look. It appears the ends of the chrome trim have a cap on them and the bottom of it had a fairly sharp edge that had cut into the paint. On the drivers side it was enough to get to the metal which had just started to rust. This was evident on the rear of the drivers door and front of the rear door (drivers side). I ended up sanding the bottom of the trim a little to take the edge off and then using a touch up paint to fix where it had been cut into.
The passenger side was ok... For now....
It's an easy check. Just open the door and look for a small black screw holding the trim to the door (torx screw). Take this out and the trim will lift up and you can see if the paint has been damaged....

p.s the detail turned out great! :) It's silky smooth and shiny :)
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