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This is how you can check for codes on your car by doing the "Key Dance:

How to Display OBD-II Trouble Codes On Instrument Cluster (Works with or without EVIC).

1. Have a pencil and paper handy.
2. Get in the car, close the door.

Perform steps 3-7 fairly quickly (less than 3 sec's total time).

(The key should not return to the OFF position through this next sequence!)

3. Turn key to 'ON' position
4. then back to 'ACC'
5. then to 'ON'
6. then back to 'ACC'
7. then to 'ON'

If there are any stored codes, they will appear immediately, in place of the odometer.

Once the codes have been displayed, you'll see "-----". If there are no trouble codes, the dashes will be the first item displayed.
After a few seconds, the display changes to "-dOnE-".

Here is a link to all standard generic OBD-II DTC codes:

OBD-II Check Engine Light Trouble Codes
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