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Chrome Rims Stains

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Yup, 5500 going down the drain fast. It's my first time owning chromies and for some reason I didn't get to dry perfectly the chrome rims and it has water stains on the inside of the lip. I tried to buff it out with terry cloth, tried some chrome cleaner liquid; and nothing. It won't come out...when you wet it it seems to dissappear but then when u dry it the stain is still there. The stain looks cloudish.

There has to be a way to take these out. Anyone with chrome rim experience want to put in their 2 cents i'd appreciate it. Thank you.
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Chamby1 said:
I'd hate to be the bearer of bad news but you may be seeing the initial stages of severe corrosion that is widespread in the chrome wheels on c's. The "chrome" film has been found to be disbonding from the aluminum wheels. Several threads on this subject are available.

Exactly! Sounds like a defect in the chrome. If it was a copper defect it would look orange/yellow. If it was a nickle defect it would be peeling. It could be from millions of things like tire dressing (armor all type stuff), wheel cleaners, or just a wheel defect.

In the future just use plain old soap and water. After they dry you can use amonia free Windex to remove the water spots if need be. Any other cleaner is unnecissary and could be damaging.

I would contact the retailer from which you purchased the wheels. Let them know there is an issue. Take pictures with a digital camera. If you need any help give us a call.
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