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Chrysler 300c upgrade

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Can I upgrade my Chrysler 300c 2007 model to 2013 model by changiytye front and back bumper burnet, Side fender and head lamp
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It could be done, but you are talking a lot of custom work. It just simply wouldn't be worth it and you really wouldn't even know if you like the outcome until it was done. It would probably go one of two ways, you get someone to do it cheap and you get what you pay for. Or you pay to have it done right and hope it's what you wanted, you could buy another 300 for the price it would cost to be done right. Also, keep in mind you'd be painting the bumpers, fenders, rockers, blending into the front doors, pillars, quarters, might as well hit the rear doors... to do it right you are pretty much doing an all over. My apologies for the long winded post, just want to make sure you know what your getting into before trying to take that step. I do paint and body for a living, figured I'd throw my 2 cents in.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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