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I own a European CRD 300C sedan from '06 for at least 6 years now. I have a nasty interior leak somewhere.

- The rear floor is soaking wet
- The isolation material between C and B pillar is soaking wet
- The sunroof drains are clear
- The front sunroof drain drains water well and instantly. It really flows from the front door drain-exit.
- The rear sunroof drain drains water after a minute or so. It drips randomly from underneath the car.
- The rear sunroof drain body connection is clear. I can breath through it.
- There are no signs water is coming down from the roof
- There is rust on the part between the B and C pillar
- There is less water and less rust between B and A pillar
- There are no signs water is coming from the rear door
- Water is coming from the hollow body (between B and C) flowing to the floor
- I believe the TSB is not applieable, since the front of the floor and A pillar are relatively dry
- I believe this probleem is unique. Other topics doesn't seem to apply.
- The issue is there for about al the years i own the car. It is getting worser.
- The dealer looked charged 2 hours and couldn't find a leak. They only looked at the roof, I believe. My dealer is 1.5 hours away.

My questions:
- Does anybody experienced the same issue?
- Does anyone know a similar thread which i've missed?
- Does anybody known where the rear sunroof drain tube body connection leads to? Does the water flows right into the hollow body with isolation material?
- When I let a garage remove the rear wheel and plastic panel, what will i see? Does anybody have a photo of this view?

Thank you in advance. Since I am having twins my gf and I would like to see the car (stay) dry. When a mold would settle, it could have a negative healthy impact.


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