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Chrysler considered Luxury Division?

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Coming from Infiniti line, Acura, Lincoln, is the Chrysler considered a luxury line. I know it is considered a step up from dodge in terms of luxury features, but how does it compare/compete in terms of being considered a Luxury division. Ford has Lincoln the next step up from Ford is Mercury is Chrysler along the lines of Mercury in terms of Luxury or higher up. Chevy Has Caddilac and the Buick line is a step up from Chevy as well, Honda= Acura Toyota= Lexus Nissan = Infiniti. Where does Chrysler fit in. Driving the 300 C, I can personallyt say luxury features are on par with other with Luxury vehicles. Just want to know the perception of Chysler and how others feel.

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Tasha said:
Luxury car: features vs build quality. The 300c has many luxury car features but does lack in some quality build issues: eg, interior fabric, cheap knobs, plastic chrome wheels and the like. Still a very good value for the money.
See, I think the build quality on mine has been above average...though the materials are not the best in all cases. People complain about the broad expanse of dashboard being cheap. I disagree. It is a nice looking functional non shiny piece of plastic like so many other cars have. The switches are very heavy and of good construction and feel. I just think the carpet and seats are cheap. But they are well installed.
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