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Chrysler considered Luxury Division?

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Coming from Infiniti line, Acura, Lincoln, is the Chrysler considered a luxury line. I know it is considered a step up from dodge in terms of luxury features, but how does it compare/compete in terms of being considered a Luxury division. Ford has Lincoln the next step up from Ford is Mercury is Chrysler along the lines of Mercury in terms of Luxury or higher up. Chevy Has Caddilac and the Buick line is a step up from Chevy as well, Honda= Acura Toyota= Lexus Nissan = Infiniti. Where does Chrysler fit in. Driving the 300 C, I can personallyt say luxury features are on par with other with Luxury vehicles. Just want to know the perception of Chysler and how others feel.

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If the 300C is to be compared with Lincoln, mid-range Lexus, Infiniti, there will be have to be more of a step-up in the interior than there is from the lower 300 models. Wood trim, headrest speakers, leather covers on the center console & armrests, grab handles, bun coolers, rear cupholders & power jacks, etc.. As for the "dealer experience" add in oil changes for 3/36 or more like 4/48-b2b and a guaranteed equal-or-better Chrysler loaner.
Of course there are some dealers who are easy to work with, but the "5-star" designation alone doesn't really prove much. Chrysler would have to make it meaningful by putting in more guarantees, more interior upgrades, sending "5-star" magazines regularly that were more than just a glossy brochure, etc. But realize that D-C probably does not have that much incentive to make a higher line Chrysler that would compete for low-end Mercedes business. They want to take away Acura sales by offering more substance than flash.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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