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Chrysler Extended Warranty Cost For Srt 8?

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Chrysler Extended Warranty Cost For SRT 8/300c?

I know Rambit has some good info on another thread, but I was curious as to what everyone else may have paid for a 7/75 or a 7/60 or any other bumper to bumper warranty on their SRT 8 or 300c. I also need to know what the deductible is, $0, $50, or $100. I am currently being offered a 7/60 w/ a $50 deductible for $1440. They also offfer a 7/75 w/ a $50 deductible for $2070. Doesn't seem worth the extra money for the extra 15k miles of warranty. I appreciate any quotes you may have as well as any feedback you can give me. Thanks.
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TALK THEM DOWN!!! It works.

I paid $1070 on a 7/60k (upgradable and transferrable) with NO deductible. The offere deductibles at low miles that are EXTREMELY cheaper tha say 7/85-100k.

I don't put near that amount of miles on so it was worth it to save some bucks.
Johnny Vig said:
My price from him was $1355 for a 7/60 maximum care $0 deductible. This price was with the SRT surcharge.
SRT surcharge? It sounds like :bs: to me. That price is still a little high. Like I said, I got $1070 for a 7/60 w/ no deductible.
Johnny Vig said:
It makes sense, because these are different vehicles compared to normal production cars. I actually wondered this from the beginning. I know you may not want to ask, but call your dealer and ask them if your warranty is for an SRT 8 or for a 300c. I am just looking out for people who may have an issue down the road. Let me know.
Well, I'm not saying you're wrong, it's just that they never brought it up, and I thought the warranty was a good price anyway since I paid $1,200 for the warranty on my $22k Dodge Dakota almost 6 years ago.

So the C would have been cheaper had I bought one....Interesting. Man I must have really got screwed on my truck. Big shock. :rolleyes: F***ing salesmen.
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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