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300C 3.5L 2006 wagon
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Here is some info that might help some users. If i posted this thread in wrong subforum, you can move it, where it would be best.

I'm from Slovenia and dealer wanted 200€ per key and 54€ for PIN, which is working only for 12 hours (that's what i was told by dealer). And then more € for programing the keys, of course.

So i ordered two new keys from Ebay (UK). But the problem was, i didn't have a PIN. And locksmith was not able to get my PIN with few different tools. So i did some research and found app called Chrysler Pin Puller (for Android). I needed OBD2 adapter which connected to my phone via Bluetooth. I used Vgate iCar 2 ELM327 (recommended by App developer) black-orange color.

With few clicks in app, i was able to get my PIN within one minute. Something to check out in case you're in need to get new keys.

App works with Tokens and when you install the app you get 15 Tokens to start. App used 10 Tokens for my Chrysler 300C 2006. Other brands/models will need more Tokens.
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