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Chrysler Scheduled Maintenance Care (Service) Programs

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Greetings, all! I think that we’ve all gotten some great input on securing a discounted extended warrantee from select Chrysler dealers in another thread. These contacts include a few forum sponsors who should get our business even if it costs a bit more!

I wanted to initiate a new thread to specifically cover Chrysler Scheduled Maintenance Care and Scheduled Maintenance Care Plus programs for routine service on our 300’s. For those just learning about these programs, the “Plus” program includes oil changes at 3000-mile intervals vs. 6000 in the standard program and both programs cover the routine maintenance items as specified in the owners manual for each 6000 mile interval.

Some questions:

1. Has anyone purchased a scheduled maintenance program at either list or discounted prices? Any positive or negative comments to share?

2. Are the coupons and related program materials transferable from one dealer to the other? If so, how does the dealer that does the work get reimbursed?

3. The brochure that I got from the dealership describes a ‘personalized plan provision’ that suggests that the coupon book will identify me to my servicing dealer. Does that mean that I must specify a specific dealer to do the work or do any of the dealerships simply have to accept the coupons from the book that is issued?

4. Since we like to establish and maintain a good relationship with our dealers in the event of a problem with our cars, how does a dealership’s Service Department feel if the Scheduled Maintenance Care program is purchased elsewhere? Obviously they have details of all aspects of the purchase of the car built into their dealership computer databases.

5. The prices I was quoted for the Plus plan was $695 for the 3/36 program, $1005 for the 4/60 program and $1255 for their 5/75 program. Does anyone have any specific experience with any other price points for similar programs?

Thanks, in advance, Team 300, for whatever advice you can share!
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