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Claying Windshield

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Is it safe to clay the 300's window if it has the auto wipers?

I've got some minor hard water spots on my windows and have read that clay can be used on them. There is even a kit (by Diamondite - not sure of the spelling) for cleaning windows that appears to come with a small pad of clay.

The owner's manual advises agains using stuff like Rain-X since it can affect the sensors for the auto wipers. I'm not sure if there is something on the surface of the glass that the clay will mess up.

Thanks for any help,
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Clay, at least most clays are just fine for glass. The secret is to use plenty of the lubricant. use the spray that comes with it, or Meguiars Quick Detailer, or make your own with a couple drops of Liquid Ivory in a spray bottle of water.

Not all clays are the same, for instance Clay Magic Red is way to abrasive to use on any finish. It is for body shop use only.

Most other clays are just fine. I would use a brand new bar on glass, and plenty of the liquid. Don't push hard anytime you use clay, just let it glide over the surface in several different directions.

Ammonia and other treatments will clean the glass well, but clay is the only thing that will really help make it smooth and help your wiper blades last longer. STuff gets stuck in your windshield (and headlights) just like in paint, and clay is best at getting it out.

Also, I don't see where using Rain-X should be a problem with the rain sensing wipers. Properly dried and buffed, Rain-X (and other similar products) really doesn't leave a film that should disturb the sensor. Any film that is visible means you have not buffed it enough. it really takes a lot of buffing to get it right. Try using a few drops of water and buff the Rain-X again, that usually does it for me.

The rain sensor should pick up the drops anyway before they slide off. Mine is extremely sensative.
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