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Cleaning the Dashboard?

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What is the best way to clean the dashboard and keep it clean. The texture is king of grainy and rubbery and picks up dust really easy. Is there any preparation or good recommended method of cleaning it? Thanks, regards, Bob.
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I will save you the leg work, I have the water based dressing on my web site, called "Ultimate Dressing Professional Grade" stay away from solvent dressings like Armor all, they attrack dust. I also sell a PH balanced cleaner that will remove surface comtaminants that you should do prior to dressing it. Mine also has UV protection so it not only looks good it protects as well. It will give you a satin finish, not a high gloss. Gary :wave:

BobF said:
Hi. Thanks. That looks like it will do the trick. Now all I have to do is find it. Regards, Bob.
MVpatriot, just to correct you a little, you said "water,solvent based" those are two different types of dressings. Mine is water based, the solvent stuff is what makes dashes look greasy/messy and slimely. I know you get excited when you are talking about my products so that's ok. :wink1: footnote on the 303 protectant, it is a high quality product like mine. One big difference, since I sell at wholesale and 303 is retail, you save $$$$ with mine. :)

mvpatriot said:
Give Gary a call, you won't be dissapointed. His water based solvent is a dream. I'll never go back to greasy solvents.
Try a little all purpose cleaner (409/simple green) that will usually remove most stains, however sometimes you need a solvent based product. I use a solvent cleaner not available retail. If you can't remove the spot with all purpose, PM me and we can see how to get you some of what I use. Gary

gomezzx2 said:
What would be the best product to get the scuff marks putting my seat belt on causes on the center console? I had my car for 2 weeks and i thought it would go away with a little rubbing!

Any solutions thanks?
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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