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Things Used:

Obdlink EX
2015 cluster

just finished installing a 2015 cluster into my 300s and it went pretty well. did alot of searching to work out the kinks and i figured i would post what worked for me on here.

first thing i did was acquire a 2015 year cluster. you need to have a Ztazer or something similar in order for the buttons to work on the steering wheel, but im sure most already doing this knows this.

next thing you need if you dont want to be a **** and not update the ODO reading to the correct one from your old cluster is AlfaOBD program as well as a OBD device to connect to the program.


install and marry your ztazer to the car with the old cluster installed.
(ztaser has those instructions as well as youtube)

go into the menu of the z taser and make sure you enable "clusterswap"

take pics of your Milage from the old cluster.

install new cluster
the 2015 cluster will mostly fit but the tabs on the top of it need to be filed down or modified for the top cluster cover to fit. easy enough just cut or shave them down. (plenty of youtube videos showing how to install it )

once the new cluster is installed and you turn your car on it should work but you will not have use of the buttons and you may or may not have the PRND show up on the screen but thats what the ztaser fixes when you set it to cluster swap.

took me awhile to find it but to send the command to the ztaser to get the buttons to work i had to press the "right arrow" on the steering wheel and the "TC disable" button by the AC controls at the same time. after you do that it should work if it doesnt the first time press those 2 buttons again. so far you only need to do this onces and the buttons will stay working after you turn off the car and turn it back on again, you will need to keep the ztaser plugged in always for the buttons to stay working.

now that the buttons work you may notice that the milage does not match, in my case it did new cluster said 4000 miles and my car actually has 139k. this is where alfa OBD comes into play it will allow you to set the right milage.

i will link the AlfaOBD site as well as the OBD tool i used to fix this issue below

it is a pain in the ass to get the new milage you set to update in the new cluster but it does work. i used a laptop to do this but you can also use the android app paired with a wireless OBD2 device to do this but like i said in my case i used the wired method.

install the alfa obd software on your computer, buy a license for it.

then install the drivers for the obd link to your computer. once you do that plug it into your car and to your laptop at the same time. launch Alfa OBD select your car in the drop down and then select "instrument panel" then press connect. then go over to the tab that says "Active Diagnostic" and in that drop down select OBD Correction. its then going to give you an option to input the new ODO reading.

this is where it sucks a little bit.......

the first few times i tried to get it to save the new OBD reading it didnt take. i had the car in run but not running, i hit start to write the new ODO, the cluster cycled and then nothing. i read somewhere that try rounding up your ODB to an even number ending in a zero or something so i tried that. at first still didnt work but i think i might have figured it out.

the way i got it to work was to turn the car off, open the door, put the keys out of the car then waited a min for the computer to fully shut down. i then went on my laptop with the keys still outside and connected to the Instrument panel again in alfa obd and tried to update it again. after it said it was updated i turned the car on and sure enough it updated to the proper ODO Reading.

just to make sure it wasn't a lucky thing i was able to change it more then once to different ODO reading and though it did not take every time i got it to change more then once.

sometimes i had to restart my computer to reconnect to get it to change but it worked. all in all you just gotta stick with it and it will eventually work.

now that i got all that done i started to play with the new cluster to see what worked and what didn't work.

as far as i can tell almost everything works but a few things.

in my case my paddle shifters do not do anything now. but im cool with that.

other thing is the audio tab only displays AM even if your in fm BT or even player. dont care much for that either.

and last when i shift in to sport mode it doesnt say S in the PRND but it does in fact work. "tested on the freeway"

honestly im pretty pleased with the swap it makes the inside look way better to me. i think when i sell it though im going to swap the old cluster back in and update the ODO to current.

Links to what i used:

this site also tells you which other Obd links can work with it personally i used OBDLINK EX

OBD2 Link: OBDLink® EX - OBD2 Adapter For ELM327 & FORScan

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Speedometer Trip computer Odometer Car Vehicle

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Thank you for taking the time to make this post and include so many details of the process!

Would it be possible to post screenshots of the various different screens that the new cluster has?
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