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Greetings. This is my first time posting, but I've been lurking for a while.

I've been experiencing harsh shifting with my 8 speed and was hoping to see if I could get any advice or resources before I bring it in to the dealership. I've got the 32,000 mile service coming up, which would be a perfect time to do it. The harsh shifts are more dramatic on down shifts, but occasionally occur on upshifts as well. As I'm slowing to a stop sometimes, it'll shift down from what I think is 3rd to 2nd fairly violently. There is a loud thunk noise, a dramatic increase in engine braking, and a clunk you can feel through the floor. It can be very disconcerting. I've learned to brake in such a way that I can cover it up when I know it's coming most of the time, but not always. This entails braking for a stop and lifting off the pedal slightly when I know the downshift is coming so I can maintain an even slowdown with the additional engine braking. It makes things a lot more pleasant for passengers, but there are some situations like quick stops where it isn't possible. There are times at slow speeds where it gets confused and occasionally lurches forward. Again, I'm cognizant of the issue so it isn't a huge safety concern, but it's disconcerting. Recently I was driving up a hill trying to maintain speed and I reached the apex of the hill right when the transmission was about to downshift to deal with the grade which resulted in a thunk as the transmission tried to decide which gear to be in.

I'm quite concerned about the longevity of the transmission, not to mention the safety and comfort issues that come along with this issue. Sure, there's the 100,000 mile power train as reassurance, but I'd rather not get stuck on the side of the road if I can avoid it. I've seen others on a variety of sites complain about the same issue. When I brought it into the dealer shortly after I bought it about 9 months ago, they told me this was expected behavior. Does anyone have TSBs or other information I could bring in to the dealer? I heard some people had the valve body on the transmission replaced which sounds more promising than an update or relearn.

Thanks in advance. I absolutely love the car otherwise, if I can just get this resolved, or even lessened, I'd be very pleased.
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