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correct offset for my wheels?

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I have searched but have not really found a definate answer. Can someone tell me what exact offset I need to run so that my tire/wheel sits flush, or even a little inside the wheel well of my 300 Touring? I will be running 22x9.5 wheels with 265/35/22 Pirelli Tires. I do not want the tires to stick out at all past the wheel well. If anything I would rather they sit just a tiny bit inside the wheel well. What offset do I need with that wheel/tire combo? BTW, I am running stock suspension and do not plan on lowering it.

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ink said:
can you guys give me your opinions on what offset looks better on the 300....+15mm or +18mm? Pictures would be nice too ; )

I have 3 piece wheels being custom made for my 300C for a perfect fit and for a lighter wheel. Unfortunately I wont have pictures till they come in. I went with the 18mm offset. In my opinion, 15MM looks bad b.c the wheels sit inside the fender. Makes the wheel look like it doesnt fit. again, jmo. I have read threads here that some people with the 18mm offset have their fenders rolled to eliminate rubbing. Some times not depending on the wheel and if the car is lowered.
When they come in, I will post pictures.
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