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correct offset for my wheels?

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I have searched but have not really found a definate answer. Can someone tell me what exact offset I need to run so that my tire/wheel sits flush, or even a little inside the wheel well of my 300 Touring? I will be running 22x9.5 wheels with 265/35/22 Pirelli Tires. I do not want the tires to stick out at all past the wheel well. If anything I would rather they sit just a tiny bit inside the wheel well. What offset do I need with that wheel/tire combo? BTW, I am running stock suspension and do not plan on lowering it.

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22x9 custom made 3 pc forged wheels here with a +16mm offset running 265/35r22's. No fender rolling here, no rubbing with the control arms, clears the stupid bolt, and sit's in the wheel well, nice and tucked dropped on Eibach's 2" sportlines..


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i believe (someone correct me if im wrong ;) )that the higher +offset(18mm) would bring the wheel closer inside the wheel well, while the lower+offset(+15mm) would bring it out (stick out). If your going to run a 22x9.5" rim, then your correct offset would be +18mm...
hope that helps..
what wheel were you looking at?
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