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Corsa's SRT-8 Exhaust

We are offering free shipping for Corsa's new SRT-8 exhaust through Sunday, February 12th!


Straight-through, 2.75" nonrestrictive design specifically tuned for the vehicle.
Flow bench-tested 39% gain in exhaust flow vs. stock muffler.
All 304 stainless steel construction, crafted with pride and precision in the USA.
Patented CORSA Reflective Sound Cancellation Technology.
Dual rear exit with single handcrafted Pro-Series 4.0" tips for enhanced vehicle appearance.
No welding required; Bolt-on installation.
Includes hardware and illustrated installation guide.
50-state emissions legal..
Limited LIFETIME WARRANTY for as long as you own your vehicle.

The exclusive, patented Power-Pulse RSC™ muffler design delivers the throaty exhaust tones that define your performance car on the open road. But inside, you will experience the quiet ride, that until now, you've only dreamed about. What does this mean? No annoying drone inside the car!

CORSA has now made it possible with RSC - Reflective Sound Cancellation technology - using aeronautical and space age noise-suppression technology. Sound waves are reflected within the muffler case, producing a cancellation wave effect - with no flow restriction and without electronic devices!

The Power-Pulse RSC™ muffler design features a pipe running straight through the muffler that incorporates a full 360-degree air gap that allows sound pressure waves to escape. The waves are channeled and then returned to the gap 180 degrees out of phase, cancelling specific sound frequencies. All that remains is the clean, crisp sound of V-8 performance.

14178 2005-06 6.1 RSC-Dual Rear Exit w/Single 4.0" Pro-Series Tips $1299.99 with free shipping in the 48 states.

Orders can be placed online or by calling 1-877-482-9763. We have these ready to ship today!

Have a good day!
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