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Hi: Not sure if I'm in the right forum ,but I have a question. I hit a hard snowbank and cracked the underside of my front bumper fascia. Does anyone know of a product that will "weld" the plastic back together ?

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I've never used anything like this, but there are plastic "welders" available for the do it yourselfer. I guess the important thing is to use rods that are the same type of plastic.

Here's one I found - Heat Guns and Heat Gun Kits for shrinking and Plastic Repair for Kayaks, Canoes, ATVs, Motorcycles, cars, trucks, Aircraft, farm equipment, tarps, liners, signs..., but if you do a search on "plastic weld repair", there are many not too expensive welders available.

Interesting concept though for those who've cracked their fascia or lip spoilers.


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Thank you for the reply. will try it as the crack is on the underside and not visible, but I don't want to leave it like that. Thanks again

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If the crack is not that long, you could use some epoxy and another piece
of plastic to fix the crack.

If you take off the bellypan, as if you were going to change the oil, and
you can get access to the backside of the fascia where the crack is, you
can fix this, at least for the time being.

Do the above step, and take a piece of 100 grit sand paper, and sand the
backside of the fascia where the crack is to rough up the area around the
crack. Then clean that area with water, and dry it with a lint free cloth.

Then, cut a piece of thick plastic ( use a piece that is at least as thick as
the fascia) to cover over the entire length of the crack if its possible.

For a straight crack, the new piece should be two inches wide. For a crack
that may move from side to side, make sure to overlap the new plastic piece
by at least an inch on both sides of the crack for strength.

Then, sand the new piece of plastic with the 100 grit sand paper on one
side. Then clean it off with water, and dry it with a lint free cloth.

Now, take your epoxy, two part plastic epoxy is available at just about any
home improvement store, and mix it according to the directions.

Then, apply some epoxy to the side of the new plastic piece you sanded,
making sure you cover the entire surface.

Then, place this new plastic piece epoxy side down against the backside
of the fascia where you sanded it.

Position the new plastic piece over the crack in the fascia, and center it
as best you can.

Now, take some good tape, and put the tape over the new plastic piece
in order to hold it there, and to apply some pressure to the new piece.

You may want to put some tape on the outside of the fascia in order to keep
the crack closed, depending on the size of the crack.

Check to make sure that no epoxy has oozed out from the crack on the
outside, and if it has, wipe it off while the epoxy is still wet. If you wait, it
will make a mess. While its still wet, its easy to remove, and it will also make
the repair smooth.

Wait overnight, and then remove any tape you used.

The new piece of plastic should now be basically welded to the backside of
the fascia with the epoxy, and if the crack is not too big, you should now
not notice it from the outside.

I have done this to just about every car I have ever had to repair cracks in
the plastic parts, and if the crack is not too big, and its still smooth, you
can not notice it unless I pointed it out.

Also, depending on the color of your car, you can get plastic epoxy in a
variety of colors to match your paint better, just incase some does ooze
out of the crack.

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