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Cracked rim!!!! Repair?

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Well as many of you might know, I hit a large pothole on the highway and as a result got a flat tire. After further examination, I realized that the rim has cracked. Just my luck, huh.
I think the tire is in good shape, its as a result of the bent rim that I believe caused me to loose air.
I didnt even notice it when removing the rim and putting on that little spare, but I was going to take the whole wheel to get a new tire mounted, and realized that there was a bend on the inner lip (it looks fine from the outside, just the backside of the rim is damaged). It bent about a 5" piece of the inner frame which resulted in a 6-7" crack in the rim itself. I found a rim repair shop in PA that im shipping the entire wheel to tomorrow to see if they can repair it.
The rim is a 22" Zenettie Lucre (which I didnt know was made in china...hmm) and although its withstanded numerous other potholes, I was pleased with the quality of the wheel, up to this incident.

Im just wondering if anyone has any info regarding repairing cracked or bent rims? To go and buy another rim would set me back close to $ hopefully they will be able to fix this one for a couple hundred (they quoted me $110-300). Would you guys recommend this or what? Im kinda stuck here :eek:uch:
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if worst comes to worst, i will just purchase a new rim, most likely from Avon, unless i can find cheaper.
however, i dont agree saying that repairing a cracked rim is not advisable. this is what looks like a minor crack to me and hopefully theyll be able to repair it. only problem is the shop is about 2 hours away from me. i talked to the repair shop today, that specializes in repairing cracked rims, and he said he really had to see it in person to know if it can be fixed or not. i imagine pounding the dent out of the INSIDE lip (the back of the wheel, not visable when mounted) with a rubber hammer, and welding the crack would fix it, however i will leave that to a professional.
im going to send the rim out tomorrow, and see what they say.
ill try and to post pictures of the damage so you can see for yourselves. oh, and thanks for the reassurance mvpatriot! hopefully i can resolve this without having to purchase a new rim.
Hmmmmm......Im getting alotta mixed imput here guys, and I dont know who to trust. Like I said, Im no expert in the area of wheel repair, but from what I can *visually* see, I would imagine that the rim could be repaired. However, I dont trust driving on the rim as it is right now, but if I can get it professionally fixed Id much rather take that route rather than having to purchase a new rim.
...I mean logically, why would these professional and reputable rim repair shops even exist if you really couldnt repair a rim?! I would think if people dont trust repairing broken/cracked/bent rims, then the 2 shops that I have already found, nearby (not to mention on a national scale) would cease to exist.

Bo'sRT-thanks for the reference, I am going to call them tomorrow and see what they have to say. Until I get the wheel fixed, Ill be forced to drive my damn Land Rover and my baby will sit in the driveway with that unsightly spare on it. Guess thats just the price you have to pay when upgrading to 22's :(
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