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Creaking steering wheel

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My steering wheel has developed a creaking noise, mostly when turning left.
It sometimes creaks when turning right, but not as often or as loud. It creaks about 40% of the time. I can sometimes feel it in the steering wheel. The sound started a little over a week ago, and about 2 and half months since I got my car. The sound and loudness is similar to the sound of the blinking turn signal. This will be another item added to my list for fixes when I bring my car in for its first oil change.

My list
Right Pull
Creaking steering wheel/column
Wind/whistling noise from driver door
Drivers door jam gap/alignment
Front passenger door alignment making it difficult to close
Front passenger carpet has 1 inch gap and is not flush with floor board
Check headlight alignment
Oil collecting on outside of mufflers
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Sounds like a bushing behind the wheel prematurely wearing or seizing due to misalignment. That would cause a noise and a dragging feel, particularly in one direction at first. I will eventually happen in both directions as the bushin continues to wear. Have DC take off the wheel and change the bushing.
My guess is the clock spring. Mine "clicks" on on occassion, but not enough at this point to warrant a dealer trip.
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