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Rattles can drive you nuts. To locate where they come from can send you over the edge.

I had a rattle towards the back of the sun roof (or at least I thought it was). After many, many, many attempt to locate the spot I finally narrowed it down to.....

are you ready for this......................

the right rear door lock knob rattling against the BT trim ring!!! Jeezuz, I could have spent money trying to fix this.
Turns out the rubber ring that's there originally is also a sound deadener. But I love the Billet trim rings so much that I will leave it on and try to figure out a solution. Perhaps a clear plastic sleeve on the knob about half way down. I don't know. I'll experiment with it.

Just thought I'd share this with you. Remember, the rattle doesn't always originate from where the sound does. :pat:
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