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Hope eveyone is having a fun and safe holiday weekend!

In our first month we now have 69 members!!! Thanks again for joining!

We need to have a club meeting soon. Possilbe date is Sept 20 for a working lunch meeting. The staff would like to know your thoughts. [email protected]

BlindPig is working on getting club cards made as well as club shirts, etc. If you have input please see the members section of the forums ASAP.

LX Club of Washington DC > Forums

We have (2) great events going on in Sept.

9/6 Welcome Home Troops Car Show, VA Hospital in Wilmington, Del

LX Club of Washington DC > Events

If you want to caravan to this event, please contact the DC LX Staff.

2008 Ride For Pride. Saturday, September 13, 2008

LX Club of Washington DC > Events

For those unfamiliar with this cruise, it's purpose is to remember all who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. It also holds the purpose of expressing our support and gratitude to all the men and women of this nation's armed forces, who right now are ensuring that we have the right, and the freedom, to conduct this event.

The club will also be having a BYOF BBQ before the event. Please see the link above and the Club Forums for more details and updates

There are also events listed for Oct and Nov on the Home Page.

LX Club of Washington DC

LX Club of Washington DC > Events

Have a great holiday!!!
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