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Are now coming in, at least here. In the last 2 days, I have received 4 of them. Personally, this is the 4th Chrysler since 1993; I don't recall so much detailed interest being sought from customers before, even when the LH series was introduced.

One was general, the usual type we used to get from Chrysler; mostly about dealer courtesy and capability..

Another dealt only with uConnect.

Another with only Sirius.

Then today came an 11 page booklet covering the entire car, its systems, etc., along with places to offer constructive suggestions about the LX series.

Interesting stuff. Hopefully, we'll all attempt to answer the queries fully. We can only benefit if some of these things we've discovered really get back to DC. However, be aware that all are to be sent back, postage paid, to Automotive Research Group, PO Box 5006, Rochester, MI 48308-9819 which may or may not be DC itself.

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