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Autocross + Road Course + Drag Strip = DESERT MADNESS

Event Highlights

Car Show
Chrysler / G.A.M.E. / Pedders Hot Shoe Shoot Out
Drag Strip
Fun Runs on the Track for Special Children
Road Course
I promised to deliver a MINIMUM of 50 GTOs that will run faster on all three tracks. We hope the LA, Vegas and Phoenix Goat Herds will be in full force and push that number to over 100. Kenyatta Goins -- G.A.M.E. -- will display a number of high profile client cars. Some of his work were featured in Chryler's Super Bowl ads this year. He may give us a run for our money on the show side. We should own the track side.
You can register by sending a PM or Email to JusticeDeb or [email protected].

Rock'n Box'n
Rock'n Rac'n
Rock'n Rock'n

A portion of the event proceeds goes to charity. A number of Pedders Dealers will be on hand to answer your question and turn a few wrenches as required for your track activities. If you have never drag raced -- come on out, we will have instructors for your first pass. If you have never autocrossed before -- do it her with an instructor. If you have never run a road course -- we'll take you out for a modest hot-lap -- if you don't soil yourself or the car on lap one, we'll do real lap on number two.

If the attendance is strong, you can plan on more events like this across the country. We want to make this work -- but it only works with your support!
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