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Diablo i-1000 advice requested

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I'm new to all this and picking up tons of knowledge from these forums. I just bought a new 2nd gen 300 SRT8 and wondering if i need to get a custom tune for it or use the pre-programmed tune, if all i am doing is adding a Hennessy CAI and Borla cat back??
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U don't need to add a programmer, use a "Canned Tune" from the InTune or do a custom CMR tune but you may want to. If you do, you'll realize the full potential of the intake and exhaust mods.

But I understand that the Gen 2 6.4L engines don't respond as well to the programmers as the 6.1L engines do and I would attribute that to a more aggressive stock tune and a more aggressive camshaft. But I still think the programmer will help.
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