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Disconnected Center Channel Speaker- Kicker System (Better Imaging achieved)

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Finally got around to disconnecting the center channel in the dash. I know others have done this on their BA7 system and all I can say is now I see what they mean. The imaging is a million times better, and the front doesn't compeltely over-power the rears like it used to. I highly recommend disconnecting the center channel. Easily comes out, 2 philips screws hold it in. To remove the speaker grill, take a credit card and wedge it down between the speaker grill and the dash surround at the 6-8 o'clock position. Work the credit card clockwise from there and you will then depress two of the clips that hold the speaker in. Once those 2 clips are up, you should be able to pry up the speaker grill by hand. God luck and let me know what you think if you try it.

p.s. if you need more info on removal of grill, search the forum, there is a picture of the credit card being used to remove the speaker grill.
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