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PDF version below

To start you need to remove the standard air box, there is one bolt, one rubber grommet, a hose clamp and the intake sensor.
TOOLS – Welder, Electric hand held grinder with cutting blades and sanding pad, Drill with 1/8 drill bit, Socket set, jig saw with metal blade, soldering iron.
1x 4” 90 degree mild steel bend 2x 4” 45 degree mild steel bend 1x straight 4” to 3.5” silicon reducer 1 x 4” silicon joiner 1x 3” hose clamp 4x 4” hose clamp 1x 4” pod filter 1x 3/8 rubber bung to house the IAT sensor Some wire & shrink wrap to extend the IAT sensor wiring 1x roll exhaust wrap

1 – Unclip the intake sensor harness – red circle (being careful not to break it) 2 – undo the bolt at the top/front of the air box 7 or 8mm socket - green circle. 3 – undo the hose clamp closest to the throttle body - yellow circle 4 – disconnect the breather hose – blue circle 5 - pull on the air box up and towards you maybe with a little twist it should come off easy

Once you have the air box out tape up the throttle body to make sure no dirt gets in

Then you need to remove the baffling from under the air box that is behind the front bumper, for this you will need to remove all the plastic clips in the tyre well and remove the plastic stone protector from underneath the front of the car (sorry no pics for this as I had it all removed before I started taking photos but pretty easy, then you need to do a bit of trimming, mark where you need to cut, I used a jig saw then smoothed it out with a dye grinder and file.

Then you need to take the 45 degree bend and cut it just above the bend so there is about 30 – 40mm of straight as shown. Also leaving enough hanging straight pipe at the other end for the air filter to attach to, about 100 - 150mm.

Then you will need to cut out a triangle piece of 3mm steel to cover the old air box hole, Looks better with this in place than the hole, circle around your 4” pipe and cut the hole so the 30-40mm part of the 45 degree bend can slide through and tack weld this together, making sure the bend is facing the right way to fit the air filter on (towards the front of the car, this you may need someone to help with. Once you have it tack welded in the right place, you may need to attach the air filter to make sure there is enough clearance, if not you may need to reposition the bend.Once you have it sorted sit it through the hole and drill some holes in each corner (green circles) so you can screw it in place later I used 1/8 drill bit.

This is with the air cleaner attached underneath behind the bumper. I used a 4”x 8” very tight I would recommend a little smaller but this is all the had at the time.

This is what the air cleaner now looks like through the whole in the bumper next to the fog light.

Now take the 90 degree bend, roughly position it in the engine bay, mark where the bolt goes and cut and weld on a tab to bolt in place, This is just to hold it in place why you fiddle with it, will be removed at later stage.

Once you have it in place you will need to take the other 45 degree bend and mark where it needs to be cut to get the right angle towards the throttle body, I think it is about 24 degrees, once you have achieved a close enough cut/bend weld this together, Grind/sand the whole thing, with the sanding pad on your hand grinder to get a good finish, I did not go to hard on this as I was going to wrap it in exhaust wrap for better heat protection.

Once you have this fitted & sorted you will need to drill a hole about 3/8 diamiter to place the rubber bung that will house the IAT sensor in the new place just above the silicon joiner that attaches to top to the bottom triangle bit that is screwed in the engine bay. Once you have it all sorted and in place grind off the little tab you did towards the start as this is not needed and needs to be removed to allow engine shake without pulling off the hose clamps. (I did not realise this till afterwards hence why it is still there in my photos.) Then you will need to cut the intake sensor wiring behind the plug allowing enough length to extend the wiring, then get you wire and ad some shrink wrap onto it for when you done, solder the extra wiring to the main harness and the plug again making sure there is enough length so that it is not pulling with any movement of the engine, once you are happy with the length slide the shrink wrap over the soldered wire and heat it up with a lighter or heat gun to shrink it over the joins.

Once you have all this done you can paint it or wrap it in exhauset wrap, I chose to paint it then exhaust wrap it for extra heat protection. Then you can begine to re assemble it all together, the bottom section to be placed through the hole and screwed in place, install the air filter to make sure this is all ok, then slide the silicon joiner onto the bottom section (not to tighten the hose clamp yet) and then remove the tape from the throttle body and install the silicon reducer to the throttle body (not to tighten the hose clamp yet). Slide the bottom section in first then slide it into the throttle body silicon reducer, once you have all this in place and lined up tighten all the hose clamps, conect the wiring to the IAT sensor and your done. STAND BACK AND ENJOY YOUR CREATION FOR 5 MINS. Then start the car make sure its all ok. I may have left something out so if i did just ask and i will help if i can.

Finished look.

This DIY is done at your own risk and I take no responsibility.
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