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Do adjustable pedals alter throttle response?

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I guess I had too much time on minds hands as I was enjoying the beautiful weather and running around today in the "C", but a question popped into my head that I thought someone here might have an opinion on.

I assume that with adjustable pedals when you go full throttle, or floor it, the gas pedal still goes all the way to the floor. Does this mean that if the pedals are adjusted all the way in, full travel from 0% throttle to 100% throttle might be something like 4 inches, but if adjusted all the way out that same 0-100% spread might be 6 inches? If this is true, people with their pedals adjusted in would get more throttle with less gas pedal travel and that would be perceived as greater throttle response in most conditions except for WOT? Am I making sense? ANy opinions?
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the adjustment moves the entire pedal assembly , you lose not pedal travel
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