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Do i have to goto a Chrysler dealer for a oil change or can i go anywhere ?

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Just reached about 3500 miles on my Touring & will be taking it to get an oil change this week. The only thing i'm not sure if i should make an apointment with one of my local Chrysler dealers or just take it to one of my local shops. Also what is the best oil to put ?

I also got acouple of questions for you guys regrauding getting my car services.

Ok heres the deal. As most of yous know i don't like my car so far. The reason for not liking it is mostly due to problems i've been having with the car. Below are some of the problems i'm having/dislike & was wondering what should i do about them. I didnt get my car from any dealer around here. My car came from another state & i got it though i guess a fleet dealer which isnt close either. So should i just call any of my local dealers & complain to them about my problems ? Like what should i say etc.

Problems -

Right pull
Car shakes @times when doing about 60mph
Funny noise from engine/transmission
Click noise from engine/transmission everytime i hit the gas
EPS Bas light on 80% of the time my car is on
Rattle noise from sunroof & pas-side front window
Beyhond bad radio reciption (Cant even listen to my local FM stations)

& maybe more but cant remember off hand.
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Definitely talk to the dealer...tell them what's wrong...and make em change the oil while you talk...

Sounds like you have some issues that should be addressed immediately!
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