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Does Air INtake really change sound of Hemi?

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I know it's debatable about the horsepower improvement, but does an Air Intake really change the sound of the Hemi? I want to upgrade the sound of the Hemi, but don't want it too loud in the back where people won't want to ride in the car. Just a more stronger sound. Will just the Air Intake give me that? Which company seems to be the best. Thanks!
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My Volant is supurb, the sound is incredible but can not be distinguished from stock when granny driving. When putting the hammer down it comes alive with a great 4 barrel intake roar. I can easily drive this car and a passenger will not know it from stock all determined by the right foot.

One small point and it may be a matter of semantics but I would say it does not change the sound of the engine but rather the sound of the intake.
NautcaSprt6 said:
The sound from the intake?
Is it the same sound as in the import intakes like the hondas and acuras?
No, those Hondas and Acuras I think you are referring to have those fart can mufflers/tips, young ricer junk, to give the illusion of power. This sound is from under the hood not the tail pipe, a nice mid bass mellow whoosh only when stepping on it 30-40% throttle which is ideal. Some may recall I was the first to remove my Zoomers exhaust because it was too loud for me. I am a stickler for that "just right" look, feel, and sound. I am the world's expert on what I like and my opinion which really has nothing to do with your tastes and nuances. As Hemeee said sound is subjective and there really is no way to adequately describe the intake melody (believe me it is pure music IMO). I think any of the aftmkt intakes make good sounds from what I can gather, find a member in your area who has one and go for a spin.
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