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Does Anybody Have MC2 Forged Wheels?

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Just wondering if anybody has purchased the MC2 FZ15's?????

If so... I would love to see a pic... Anybody have any experiences with MC2 Wheels???/

Let me know... thanx all..
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No Balance huh?

The Rim wouldn't Balance huh???

Any other thoughts on the company???

Were they really as light as they said they were...

Thanx for any reply...

Nate :banana:
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Yes please post pics........

Please post pics of the FZ15's when you get them on... that would be such a fricking life saver...

Wyckoff and Mopar Super Center say that they have them, or can get them.

and all I wanted before I spend the money was a darn pic of them on a 300...

Now you are going to fufill that before they can and they are both dealerships.!!!!!

But hey.. .they tried with the photoshopped pics... but they look like 22's...
I have 2 threads open on this subject... and I have only got 1 reply from Tommy Z and he photoshopped them beautifully onto a Black300c.. But they are done as 22's if not 23's....

So... . I SALUTE YOU!!!!!! and I am excited for the pics... and please also comment on the weight... ( you can get it off of the UPS tracking info)

Thanx for all the replies guys!

Nate :banana:
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