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Does Anybody Have MC2 Forged Wheels?

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Just wondering if anybody has purchased the MC2 FZ15's?????

If so... I would love to see a pic... Anybody have any experiences with MC2 Wheels???/

Let me know... thanx all..
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i have been going back and forth between the fz6 and fz15. here is a photochopped fz15 and a lovely fz6 im sure youve seen:

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cirob said:
I ordered the FZ15 from wycoff on June 3rd said should be here soon I hope so. Said 1-2 weeks then maybe 3-4 said a hot item. If so who has them ?
please post some pics of your car with the fz15's once they arrive! what color is your rig?
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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